Crop Insurance

Under the directives of Federal Government, Crop Loan Insurance has been launched from Rabi season 2008-2009. Premium of subsistence farmers for five major crops i.e. Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Rice and Maze will be reimbursed by the Government. NICL has developed comprehensive Agri-Loan Insurance schemes for production, development and livestock loans.

Insurance of NBP Agri Credit to Borrowers

Insurance policy to National Bank of Pakistan was issued on 7th October, 2008 covering risk with effect from 15th October, 2008. NBP target for disbursing Agri-loan for the year 2008-2009 is Rs. 40 billion. Expected target to be achieved is 80% i.e. Rs. 32 billion of which estimated premium income would be around Rs. 480 million. 70% (i.e. Rs. 22.4 billion) of Rs. 32 billion is related to four major crops (i.e. Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane & Rice) which will generate premium of about Rs. 336 million. Risks related to these four major crops are reinsured under 40% lead of Swiss Reinsurance of NBP Agri Credit to Borrowers.

Details of Covers Provided to NBP Coverage

Basic Coverage

  • Production Loans (All Crops)
  • Development Loans
  • Livestock


Excessive Rain, Drought, Hailstorm, Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake Landslide and Lighting Endemic diseases, Viral attack Pest, Locust attack, Death & Disability Of animal, Canal breach, Accidental Death & Disability of borrower, Theft, Fire and Burglary, till produce Is shifted from farm

Additional Coverage with Production Loan (Per Crop)

  • Fire & Lightning
  • Theft & Burglary
  • Accidental Death of Borrower

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